Tibhar Sinus Alpha

$49.95 $35.95
Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 86
Spin: 85
Control: 76
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Sinus Alpha possesses a softer sponge than Sinus, and its strengths develop especially during a passive game because it provides even better control. It is not as fast as its harder twin; however it transmits unequaled precision during fast topspins and blocking balls. Balls played with this rubber have a longer and evenly curved trajectory, putting even more pressure on the opponent. Sinus Alpha is the ideal rubber for players looking for unlimited dependability in addition to acceleration.
cost /quality

The best proportion cost/quality on market.Fast but not too fast,enuugh spin and most important verry good control.Middle weight and sponge hardness.Suitable for off- to off+ blades.


good choice

this rubber is great spinny and speedy. compare with tenergy 05, its a great deal.It is good for who short distance and loop with top spin.

Top three rated rubbers that I have been playing

I have been trying many rubbers for the past 10 years. Sinus Alpha is the top rated great rubber from me; good control 10, spiny 10 and speed 9. In my opinion, it is better value then Tenergy 05.

- Francis, WA

Excellent Rubber

This rubber is very fast with high control and suit the high-speed top-spin game. Trajectory is low and sometimes flat. Good technique is required at times to lift the ball over the net in a fast top spin game, especially on the back-Hand. Speed and control is excellent.

- Shaun, NY

Fast and spinny, easy control, no speed glue needed.

Hi, I have got my order, rubber sinus alpha and glue. I tried rubber in blade photino. I found this rubber is really fit me. It is fast and spinny both for loop and serve , easy control, no speed glue needed, better than torpedo, and bryce. Many thanks. xp li


this rubber is soft but fast like an arrow. faster than bryce speed fx but with great control and low trajectory balls that is hard to block.