Tibhar Smash Net Set

Item# NTSM
Brand: Tibhar
Type: Net Sets



Tibhar Smash is a robust net for continuous use in clubs. Extremely stable steel construction. Large fastening screws. Easy adjustment of height. Rubber pads protect table. ITTF approved.

Black brackets with blue net.
Solid net

Obviously, at this price this is no freebie net that comes at no cost when you purchase a four-pack of cheap paddles. Its the first higher end net Ive owned so Im no connoisseur, but for me it has been a pleasure. I wont go back to a net that slips and slumps, or favors one side. This is a high quality product that sets my table apart from others. I would give it 5 stars save for my lack of experience with equivilalent quality products.

- Johnnie D, CO