Tibhar Speedy Soft D.TecS

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Short Pips
Speed: 86
Spin: 49
Control: 76
Hardness: Soft



Tibhar Speedy Soft D.TecS is the classic Speedy Soft rubber incorporated with D.TecS technology.

The D.TecS technology (Dynamic Technology with Samsonov) has been well tried and tested and has resulted in being a great success.

TIBHAR decided to incorporate it into the famous Speedy Soft short pimple rubber and obtained surprising results: short pimples are not only faster during the game; the D.TecS technology makes them even more dangerous and much more disturbing. Your opponent will have much more difficulty playing block or counter balls now!
Great SP

Just played with a sheet of red 2.0 and loved it. Usually play with Raystorm 2.1 SP, but wanted something little faster, more dynamic. Didnt find the rubber too disturbing like the package says, but was great for blocking and attacking. I was also able to produce good spin for a SP. Would actually give this rubber 4.5 stars. If you want a fast, somewhat soft, spinny SP thats good for attacking this is your rubber.

- SuperDave, IN