Tibhar Stratus Power Defense

Brand: Tibhar
Class: DEF+
Speed: 68
Control: 86
Blade Weight: 80
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.3
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



The Tibhar Stratus Power Defense, a relatively hard defensive blade, was built for a modern defensive game. The blade head is a little bit bigger than the norm. This light-weight wood will enable the player to react fast to his adversary's strokes and put him under pressure, no matter where the player is situated at the table.
A pushing and blocking BEAST!

This blade is awesome! Its very good for pushing and blocking! I seldom chop, but when i do, I chop mid distance! You van also easily attack with this blade as well. Love this blade! Devastating to attackers....

An underrated blade period!

Im a two-winged penhold player, and now Im playing as an occasional penhold chopper. This blade is absolutely fantastic for my style. I have long pips on the backhand, and inverted rubber on forehand. similar to conventional choppers, I also chop/slice far from the table with my backhand, and frequently I twiddle my paddle to execute reverse penhold backhands with the smooth rubber, and use the long pips to chop from forehand. I have great experience since obtaining this blade, and have beaten quite a number of good players at my club, all who I typically lose to when I play with penhold. This blade is definitely worthy to take notice of, and I highly recommend it. Because I am able to attack very consistently from both the forehand and the backhand side. This blade will definitely not disappoint!!! In fact, Im going to order another spare right this minute!

- Cong my RPB > your FH, CA

Good for choping and attack!

Very good control of the ball while chopping. Speed isnt that great, but you can easily smash the straight balls. Im satisfied with this blade. Im using this one now instead of Matsushita Pro Model which is also a great blade.

- Olly, TX