Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

Brand: Yasaka
Class: OFF-
Speed: 88
Control: 68
Blade Weight: 83
Plies: 5w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $148.95
Material: Wood + Composite



Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon has a softer feel than the Ma Lin Carbon. One of the best control carbon blades on today’s table tennis market.

Large sweet spot supports consistent shots. Outstanding for block, loop, counter, touch.
Very Pleased with the Mal Lin Carbon Soft

After starting on a good quality recreational paddle a year ago, then buying a used Stiga with Mk V rubber, I purchased the Ma Lin carbon soft combo special with Mk V GPS rubber. I was concerned that this paddle could be too fast for my playing level. It is faster than what I was used to, however, It has a great feel, good control, and a subtle response. The flared handle is a bit smaller and slightly shorter then the legend handle on my Stiga, but the Stiga feels bulky compared to the Yasaka. So, even if you are a developing player like I am, the Ma Lin carbon soft is a good choice. BTW, Five Stars for Paddle Palace customer service.


Quality Blade

Superb feel, quality construction! Plenty of speed without sacrificing the ability to accurately place your shots. I can see myself buying another one in the near future.


Ma Lin Soft Carbon

Great blade! This blade has good touch. When doing power drive, you can feel that the ball is absorbed deep into the wood, never hard. Great for blocking and control as well. The blade is thin enough that you gain more consistensy during looping.

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