Yasaka Mark V HPS

Brand: Yasaka
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 92
Spin: 89
Control: 72
Hardness: Medium



Yasaka Mark V HPS is an outstanding top-of-the-range fast table tennis rubber giving you all the characteristics required for advanced offensive play. The HPS (Hybrid Power Sponge) technology used in this rubber is the result of newer advances in Japanese rubber technology. It provides improved dynamics in the sponge, and more speed and spin, without higher weight.

Yasaka Mark V HPS has a medium sponge hardness, suitable for aggressive play close to the table.
Mark V HPS Soft has a slightly softer sponge than the regular Mark V HPS, suitable for offensive allround players.
A nice replacement for Tibhar Rapid DTecS w/ speed glue

I tried Yasaka Mark V 2.0 when I was looking for a rubber with the same characteristics of Tibhar Rapid DTecS 2.0 rubber on speed glue. Oddly, I felt the Mark V was too stiff/hard. Then, I tried this rubber. Interestingly, I found the rubber to be more spinnier than Mark V, have low throw than Mark V, and lighter than Mark V. All of this is good as it seems I have better control on my push/chop and my topspin. However, at times, it seems to lack consistency during drives and counter hits; now, it might be I am messing up the shots. All said, I am happy with this rubber as a good replacement for Tibhar Rapid DTecS.

- Venkatesh Ranganath, KS