Yasaka Mark V

Brand: Yasaka
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 80
Spin: 80
Control: 79
Hardness: Medium



Yasaka Mark V has been a popular table tennis rubber and has won a large number of championships through the years. Its high quality makes it a consistent leader.

For the aggressive player, who masters the modern, fast technique.
MARK V = Dependability and Playability

Dependability - I am not one to change out the rubber on my paddles very often. I try to keep them clean and make them last. I have two Yiyoung Fan paddles with 3 year old rubber. I had the Mark V rubber on only one side of one of the paddles and it was the only one that was still playable with good tackiness. After 3 years it was still very playable. I just replaced the rubber on both paddles with Mark V. Playability - I get good feel attempting any shot with the Mark V rubber. Push, Chop, Loop, Drive, Sidespin... on backhand or forehand, it doest matter. My wife just started playing. I put my paddle in her hand with the newly installed Mark V rubber and told her to block my loops. Now she does not know what she is doing and everything she hit was landing on the table with incredible pace. There is a reason Mark V has been so popular for so many years.

Andy Theriault


Nothing bad to say, good price, spin, and control

Mark V

I have this rubber on both sides of my Stiga Offensive Carbon. It gives me just the right combination of speed, control and spin when you put the work into it. This rubber is incredibly durable. A classic, and one of the most popular rubbers, for a reason!

Rubber Perfection

This rubber is for every player from beginner to pro. Supreme quality. When you have tried all the super-duber rubbers and cant train like the pros then Mark V is your rubber. High speed,spin and that velvet touch close to the table makes it the king of classic rubbers. Forget those high priced, fragile tensor rubbers, you simply cannot go wrong with Mark V.

Markie Five


I have played for a long time. Ive also been away from the game numerous times. Throughout all the ups and downs, Ive always been able to count on is Mark V rubber. I competed at the highest levels in the mid-70s using a Butterfly Gergely blade and Butterfly Shriver L rubber. At my peak I came across Mark V rubber and fell in love with it. Ive experimented a little here and there, but without fail Ive always returned to Mark V. At 56 years old what I need most is consistency and control. Once I have that, I can adjust speed and spin to match my needs. Not only is Mark V my favorite rubber, but it also serves as my benchmark, my constant. Its never let me down, not even once.




Great Rubber

I have the Black 2.0 on the backhand of my Donic Opticon RS blade. This rubber has wonderful consistency and can generate great speed and spin.

it a classic for a reason

i returned back to competitive play in 2008 after a 9yr hiatus. because of the changes in rules and technology it took me awhile to adapt to the modern game and its equipment. nevertheless, after 3 different blades and as many rubber sheets, i decided to have a custom blade built to my specs; after many different combinations of rubbers: chinese,german,japanese, tacky, sticky, etc. i decided to try 2 sheets of mark v that were on my stiga offensive from 99. not only is the mark v complete in all aspects of the game, its characteristics are consistent and trustworthy. unlike the current rubber technologies, mark v plays with you, not for you...call me a traditionalist, but you can have every so-called new rubber technology, because in the end its the true player that makes his play and equipment a weapon not the other way around.

- james, INT

Very good Rubber

I really like this rubber. It has great spin, speed, and control. Definently worth the money. It is very good for offensive and defensive play. Overall very good product. Im sure I will get this kind of rubber again.

Daniel Douglas

The ledgend lives on

Through out my years of playing table tennis i have tried maney diffrent rubbers and non of them have worked for me until i recently met someone who came from Germany and had not played in 35 years since he left and he had mark V rubber he told me it was glued back in Germany and used onley five times. After that i have been sold and i have never even thought about trying any other rubbers. I will stick with MK5 as long as they still make it.

Bradley Smith

Truly Legendary

I first began using Mark V in Germany in 1975. Can you believe that a rubber this good was being made that long ago?!? After a 30-year hiatus, I am back playing, and using Mark V. Ive tried other rubbers--I love Tibhar Soft--but I still havent found any that I like better than Mark V.

My perfect rubber for my BH

This is the best rubber for my BH. It is so versatile that I can loop/smash/serve/flick with it. I am using it with regular glues on a Samsonov Alpha blade. Very good control!

mark 5

after all this time mark v is still the stuff!!!!!

Extreme Table Tennis

Although my game has evolved over many years, Yasaka Mark V is a classic. It always sounds like there is something better out there, but I have resisted even trying any other sponge rubber. I use Mark V exclusively on one side. On the other I use Butterfly Feint long pips, no sponge. I have recently completed a book called "Extreme Table Tennis", which describes the virtues of the combination style of play, and how using this style can greatly improve your game. Other players may call it junk and contend I only win because of my "unfair" superior racket, but the way I see it, the contrast between the spin of Mark V, and that of Feint is what makes my game so hard for my opponents to handle. If you are interested in my book send me an e-mail.

The Legend Lives On

For at the table play this rubber excels in consistant pushes, blocks, and quick counters. It is good for looping close to table but gives up a little in fast exchanges further from the table. The consistancy from sheet to sheet is stellar and if cared for properly gives reasonable performance. A great all time rubber.

The only Rubber I use now!!!!! Excellent Buy!!!!!

I have been back and forth with rubbers. I have switched companies about 7 times now. I just bought this Mrk V and it is the best thing that has happened to my game. Actually, Since using Mark V, my Rating has jumped 551 points!!!!!!!!

Fantastic Rubber

I've used this rubber (and GPS) for almost 10 years -- it has earned it's fantastic reputation. The balance of high speed and spin is superb. Mark V GPS is a little softer and also an excellent choice, especially if you are a speed gluer. I have always used the 2.5mm sheets, and they never let me down. If you are a frequent looper, look no further than Mark V or Mark V GPS.