Yasaka Sweden Defensive

Brand: Yasaka
Class: DEF
Speed: 63
Control: 90
Blade Weight: 80
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.2
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



The Yasaka Sweden Defensive is a blade produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden.

Most defensive players are looking for optimal soft touch of the ball combined with exceptional feeling and control. Yasaka’s Sweden Defensive is designed to meet that demand. Fractionally softer outer veneers and a slightly enlarged head in comparison to traditional blades, give the Sweden Defensive it’s unique characteristics.

This blade comes lacquered.
One of my favorite defensive blades

My only issue with this is that the head is slightly smaller than other def blades. This means interchanging rubbers won't work well. OTH, the smaller than normal defensive head translates into easier looping and more power. Has harder outer ply. Very thin, flexible, but not too flex. Typical small Yasaka handle. All I can say is that I'm sticking with this over much more expensive blades that I have. It just has a nice feel -- slow enough to bring back most balls. Slower than Joo SH but faster than Tiluna, and Def Play.

- Yusuf Sabr, MI