Juic 999 Defense

Item# RJ99D
Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 60
Spin: 95
Control: 83
Hardness: Soft



JUIC 999 Defense, designed for the modern defensive player, has fantastic tacky spin. It has great versatility and superb defensive control.
999 defense

Superb feel and playability. I am only a 1250 rated player but feel like a 1500 or above with this rubber. Gives you control and surprisingly fast at the 2.0 thickness


Superb for close to table play.

I play close to the table all the time. This rubber is fantastic for me. I use 1.0 sponge most of the time, but have another paddle with 1.5 both 999 Defense. Super spinny and tacky. This rubber is really slow, but I can suck the life blood out of my opponents with it. Ive tried BFly Tackiness Chop, Donic Quattro Aconda soft, Yasaka Mark V, Joola Topspin C, and others. I like this the best. Its great for spinny serves, pushes, blocks, and quick attacks quick but not fast, quick because with the 1.0 sponge its very light. Anyone who plays close to the table should try this rubber.

- Steve, MI


I use this rubber on my backhand side (1.0 Red). It's very spinny & is a good rubber for chops. It absorbs some speed & therefore doesn't seem overly fast.