Donic Protection Sheets (10)

Brand: Donic
Type: Protection Sheets

10 Protection Sheets. Out of Stock

Non-adhesive, protects all rubber sheets against dust, oxidation by air, and drying out. Ten sheets, covers 10 rubbers.

Protection Sheets are plastic covers for protecting the rubber from air and dust when your paddle is not in use. Helps keep rubber in prime condition longer. The protection sheets are square, and you can trim (or not) in your desired shape to fit your paddle.
So So

These films are thin but easy to cut. Better films are out there. Non sticky.


Best for tacky rubbers

The best protection for tacky rubbers. However grippy rubbers tend to not stick to the protection sheet after a while.

Donic rubber sheets

These sheets are non adhesive and are much firmer than similar sheets from other companies. Non adhesive sheets are definitely the way to go, as they do not pick up nearly as much dust as their adhesive counterparts. However these sheets are so firm that they might not be a good choice. I prefer the softer ones, such as the Stiga sheets available from PaddlePalace