Nittaku 3-Star Premium Bulk Pack

$208.95 $184.95
Item# BNPK
Brand: Nittaku
Ball Type: Competition



The Nittaku 3-Star Premium celluloid balls are packaged as 10 dozen loose balls in a bulk box. The Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40mm ball is the highest grade of Nittaku 3-Star celluloid balls. It is manufactured in Japan by Nittaku to higher specifications with higher quality material than any other celluloid ball. It stands in a classification of its own.

Nittaku 3-Star Premium balls are more consistant in hardness and they last longer than any other ball in the world. Label on ball says "Premium 40, Made in Japan".

Available in White Only

Type: celluloid

Best I have ever used

These are the best Table Tennis Balls I have ever used. It has become very frustrating to not be able to find many decent balls, and when I say decent I dont mean expensive. Lots of expensive junk out there but no quality. Nittaku is the only brand I have found that do what they should do, maybe it is because they are not made in China.


Best and most expensive

Nittaku Premium has the most consistent quality of all the balls weve tried. Our club uses them exclusively. Unfortunately, theyre also the most expensive, but buying them in bulk mitigates that issue.

Great Deal !!!

Very well packaged and better deal in buying in bulk. K.S.