100 Days of Table Tennis Book

100 Days of Table Tennis Book

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100 Days of Table Tennis is written by top USA coach and player Samson Dubina. 210 pages.

Travel with Coach Samson Dubina on a 100-day table tennis journey. Each day, you will learn new skills about strokes, spins, drills, game tactics, training routines, and tournament performance. This book will give you the necessary tools to move past your competition both mentally and physically.

Here is what USATT National Coach and Hall of Famer Larry Hodges says about the book:
One hundred days . . . if you live to be 82 years old, thatís about 30,000 days. All Coach Samson asks is that you take just a few minutes on 1/3 of 1% of those days to learn something new.

One hundred days . . . thatís how long itíll take for coach and player Samson Dubina to lead you through these pages, a few minutes each day, with the goal of taking your game to the next level. He leads you through eleven chapters: Beginnings, Strokes, Footwork, Serves & Returns, Game Tactics, Practice, Tournaments, Mental Strength, Health, Equipment, and Your Future. Just reading the chapter titles gives you a pretty good idea of what youíll be doing.

One hundred days . . . it starts with Basic Principles and Writing Out a Game Plan, and then you get to Strokes Ė which includes Body Position, Serve, Drive, Push, Loop, Block, Smash, Flip, Lob, Chop, Counterloop, The Perfect Strokes, The Important Shot, The Racket Angle Ė and weíre only through Chapter Two!

One hundred days . . . itís a fraction of the time it takes a top coach like Samson to accumulate the knowledge and experience needed to coach at a high level, and itís yours for the price of this book and a few minutes for one hundred days.

One hundred days . . . if FDR could push through most of the New Deal in that time, think what you could do with your table tennis game! Itís about the right amount of time needed to learn and ingrain new techniques and begin the road to taking your game to the next level.