#129 DHS TG7-P C-pen w/Tinarc 5

#129 DHS TG7-P C-pen w/Tinarc 5

$159.85 $135.95
Item# ZPCT7P129
Brand: DHS
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese penhold-style blade assembled with Tinarc 5 red and black rubber. In Stock


This DHS TG7-P Chinese-style penhold blade is assembled with DHS Tinarc 5 2.1 red and black rubber.

The blade: High pressure ballonet technology is applied to the DHS TG7-P blade. The integrative structure of the 5 interior timber layers form a "ballonet" which reduces energy waste and creates a fast offensive weapon.

The rubber: DHS TinArc 5 rubber combines both great feeling with powerful elastic shots. The rubber allows the ball to absorb and penetrate easily, ideal for feel with quick loops, ball handling near the net, or off-court play. The outstanding elastic rubber and thick pimple design, which has quick rebound on ball strikes, enables strong power with minimal effort. The new sponge also uses 'MACRO-CELL' and 'High-Elasticity Particle Osmosis' technology, providing powerful attack. TinArc 5 is suitable for continuous quick loop with quick attack drive, and specially designed to enhance the speed of 40+ balls.