Butterfly Primorac

Brand: Butterfly
Class: OFF-
Speed: 84
Control: 66
Blade Weight: 86
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.7
Blade Handles: FL
Material: All Wood



Butterfly's overall best-selling shakehand blade. The Primorac's African wood allows the ball to stay on the racket longer providing good feel and control. The Primorac is an excellent all-round offensive blade.
Combined with Mark V 2.0

1. VIBRATES - seems to stay on the racket longer, I wish I had bought a Carbon blade instead as I hate vibration and ended up buying all wood blade. 2. To my surprise, great for blocks as the ball lands on the table most of the times. Ball gets the elevation and somehow dips into the table. 3. Control is great, chops at any angle. 4. Because of the vibration, ball does move fast enough but lands on the table anyways. 5. I'm feeling uncomfortable looping coz when I did, the ball took more time to land on the other side. Kinda feels like a slow loop. 6. I think with a softer sponge it might kill a little vibration and give a balanced feeling. 7. I was 7-8 feet away from the table and I looped a ball FH from 1 foot above the ground in a match, I felt it might not carry but it did and at net level and spun away. Both players were shocked. I'm confused whether to continue with this combo and get adjusted or move on. Bottomline: Vibrates and I kinda hate it, blocks every freaking ball if you make right contact, average speed, good for mid distance looping and hard to loop from close to the table. High throw and dip. I would rate it 7/10.

Deepak Thipeswamy

My other half

Wow, after playing with all existing Blades in the 90', I have fallen in love with this blade, won a lots of tourments ... after having it for almost 20years, i have update it for a faster one. But it is still has a third spare in my pouch...

- Dany, NB

amazing blade

this is an amazing piece from butterfly, no doubt with Primorac!!! best wood blade!!!

- hops, INT

Very uncomfortable handle design

I struggle to find a consistent grip on both the FH and BH with this blade. The handle is too short. I am going to have to sand part of the blade so my middle finger is closer to the rubber. It is a good blade but I do not recommend it because of the uncomfortable grip design. I recommend Donic cork handle blades, they are soooooo comfy.

- Gian Carlo, MI

Outstanding Blade

I try other blades and keep coming back to the Primorac. I am not a beginner. This blade has many gears and is very good for different levels depending on the rubber. I can understand why it is one of Butterflys best sellers. Quality is high and so is the price so use sealer when new. This blade is very good for all the shots in table tennis. FL handle needs to be thicker. Not to fast and not to slow. Plenty of speed with tensor rubbers with control.


Love it!

For reference, I am a beginner, rated around 1000. However, I have spent hundreds of dollars on the wrong equipment, trying to find a setup that works for me. All I can say is that this is the best paddle I have tried so far. When I hit the ball, I know it, unlike some carbon blades I have tried. Flexible enough to loop with confidence, even with thinner 1.8 sponge I use semi tacky rubber. Stiff enough for close up work. Highly recommended for beginners like me to grow your skills. When you are ready to step up, just upgrade your rubber. Great value for the money!

- Cormac, WA

Great Blade

A great allrounder depending on rubber selection. Nice vibration when hitting the ball. Great for controled looping and hitting. Nice looking blade but the handle could be thicker with straight and anatomic being an option.

- Ferd Burfal, AR

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