#140 Stiga Allround Classic C-pen w/Sriver EL, Mark V

#140 Stiga Allround Classic C-pen w/Sriver EL, Mark V

$115.89 $94.95
Item# ZPSACN140
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese-penhold blade assembled with Sriver EL and Mark V rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Allround Classic Chinese-style penhold blade is assembled with Butterfly Sriver EL 1.9 red and Yasaka Mark V 2.0 black rubbers.

The blade: This is the penhold version of the popular Stiga Allround Classic blade. This blade is definitely a classic! Great for the allround player. Good control and all-around offense for a versatile all-around game. A perfect balance between speed, weight and feel lies behind Allround Classic´s enormous popularity among competitive players, who choose the best.

Red rubber: Sriver EL combines SRIVER's top sheet with a medium-soft elastic sponge. Do you prefer a hard or soft sponge? If you like a hard sponge, then you can choose the "normal" SRIVER. If you prefer a soft one, then SRIVER-FX is ideal for your play. But, if your requirement is in between the two (and this is where most of the top players are placed) then Butterfly recommends the SRIVER-EL.

Black rubber: Yasaka Mark V has won a large number of championships through the years. Its high quality makes it a leader. For the aggressive player, who masters the modern, fast technique.