#142 Juic Iseki Carbon C-pen w/Air Condle

#142 Juic Iseki Carbon C-pen w/Air Condle

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Item# ZPJISC142
Brand: Juic
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese penhhold blade assembled with Air Condle red and black rubbers.

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This Juic Iseki Carbon Chinese penhold blade is assembled with Juic Air Condle 2.0 red and 1.8 black rubber.

The blade: The Iseki Carbon Penhold blade is an allround blade with five plies wood and two plies carbon. Chinese-style penhold grip. A very consistent bounce, a stable well-balanced feeling, and a large sweet spot results in this blade with both control and power for the allround and offensive player. Medium in weight and superlative in performance. If you are looking for an Allround blade with the great feeling and performance of carbon, this is the one!

The rubber: You've been experimenting with new rubbers since the change in gluing rules. Some new rubbers have excellent spin but lack in durability. Some have excellent power, but have less spin and durability. HERE and NOW is Air Condle, the rubber with great SPIN, CONTROL, POWER, and DURABILITY. Furthermore, water-based glue is used in the manufacturing process to adhere the topsheet and sponge, to benefit players' health and the environment, and enabling a green light when tested for VOC's.