#164 Stiga Nostalgic VII C-pen w/DNA Pro M, Genesis II S

$214.85 $184.95
Item# ZPSNG7164
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese-style penhold blade with DNA Pro M and Genesis II S rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Nostalgic VII blade with a Chinese-style penhold handle is assembled with Stiga DNA Pro M 2.1 red and Stiga Genesis II S 2.0 black rubbers.

The blade: The Stiga Nostalgic VII Penhold is an offensive 7-ply blade made for the hard-hitting power player. Built with the same hand selected middle and second layer veneers used in the Clipper Wood, however the outer veneer is made with a hard yet elastic natural wood called "Wenge."

Red rubber: The DNA series is Stiga’s first table tennis rubber manufactured in Germany. These table tennis rubbers are designed for a wide range of table tennis players and playing styles, from young talents who are starting to play with their first customized bat, to professional players who only settle for the very best.

Black rubber: Stiga Genesis II is a spin oriented updated version of the original Stiga Genesis Rubber. Genesis II combines the best of the major table tennis cultures into one rubber. It has a potent synthesis of Japanese/Stiga developed OCS-technology, Swedish knowledge and a new ultra spinny elastic top sheet made in China.