#168 Stiga Allround Evolution Chinese penhold w/Tackiness Chop, Aibiss

$124.93 $114.95
Item# ZPSALEN168
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Chinese-style penhold blade assembled with Tackiness Chop and Aibiss rubbers. In Stock


This Chinese-style penhold Stiga Allround Evolution blade is assembled with Butterfly Tackiness Chop 1.7 red and Butterfly Aibiss 1.7 black rubbers, with no gap between rubber and handle.

The blade: This is the Chinese-style penhold version of the Stiga Allround Evolution blade. Suitable for the modern, allround player who exploits every variation of speed and spin, the Evolution blade is based on the Stiga Allround Classic, but it is faster.

Red rubber: Good tacky spin, slow speed for excellent control. The highest spin and most control of Butterfly's defensive rubbers. Quite favorable results occur when using a combination racket with anti-spin or long pips rubber on one side.

Black rubber: Aibiss rubber is a high-friction rubber which balances the characteristics of a friction rubber and more traditional high quality Butterfly rubber sheets. A specialized top sheet with a pimple shape which enables heavy spin has been combined with a hard sponge; this results in high speed as well as devastating spin potential thanks to the applied technology of the very firm Spring Sponge. Aibiss, with heavy spin and a high throw angle, is recommended for the player who aims at making the best use of the characteristics of a friction rubber, especially one using precise technique on the table and counter attacking play.