#169 Stiga Offensive CR WRB Chinese penhold w/Allround Premium, Rozena

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Type: Penhold: 2-Side

Offensive CR WRB penhold blade assembled with Allround Premium and Rozena rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Offensive CR WRB Chinese penhold blade is assembled with Dr. Neubauer Allround Premium 0.6 red and Butterfly Rozena 1.7 black rubbers, with no gap between rubbers and handle.

The blade: This WRB Offensive CR WRB has the WRB System. An attacking, lightweight blade. Offensive Classic CR is built to suit fast and technical attacking play. Increased speed with maintained “STIGA touch” because of the CR system.

Red rubber: ALLROUND PREMIUM from Dr Neubauer: The extraordinary Allround-Weapon This rubber is even better than its name suggests. Probably the first disruptive rubber that enables aggressive blocking and even hitting and counter-looping against topspin shots. Take the initiative and put pressure on your opponent! ALLROUND PREMIUM also excels at passive shots: The ball bounces very low, and even tends to "dive" on the other side of the table; all of this combined with excellent control. The disruptive effect even gets further enhanced after a few weeks of playing on account of the pimples becoming softer. This rubber is also a great asset for classical defense since it enables the player to impart any amount of spin while offering a wonderful control. This way both heavy chopped balls and float balls can be performed interchangeably.

Black rubber: Butterfly Rozena rubber High performance rubber Rozena, pursuing "tolerance" •Rozena employs the rose-dyed Spring Sponge technology as its name suggests •The newly developed top sheet utilizes High Tension technology •With sufficient power, Rozena helps compensate for subtle racket angles and directional swing errors, creating a sense of stability •A rubber of high tolerance! •Rozena, improves your play through ‘forgiveness’ and is recommended for players aiming for the top