#170 Stiga Dynasty Carbon C-pen w/Tenergy 25 FX

$379.93 $339.95
Item# ZPSDNC170
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side

This Chinese-style penhold blade is assembled with Tenergy 25 FX red and black rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Dynasty Carbon blade with a Chinese-style penhold handle is assembled with Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX 2.1 red and black rubbers.

The blade: The Dynasty Carbon uses a newly developed Swedish made and patented carbon technology which makes the carbon fabric as stable and strong near the edges as in the middle, without affecting the overall balance and weight of the blade. This new Carbon technology is called TeXtreme+. TeXtreme+ draws from the original TeXtreme Spread Tow Carbon Technology and consists of an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric that maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio. Dynasty Carbon is built with a thick middle veneer which enhances the core feeling and overall balance of the blade. The outer veneer is Koto, chosen for its quality and short in-game dwell time in comparison to more traditional outer veneers.

The rubbers: Tenergy 25-FX has pimples of a larger diameter combined with a version of “Spring Sponge” that produces a softer feeling; Tenergy 25-FX enables the powerful player to execute strokes with more topspin while maintaining control.