#841 DHS Hurricane Long 5 FL w/DNA Pro M, BlueGrip R1

$302.85 $249.95
Item# ZSCHL841
Brand: DHS
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with DNA Pro M and BlueGrip R1 rubbers. In Stock


This DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade with a flared handle is assembled with Stiga DNA Pro M 2.1 red and Donic BlueGrip R1 2.0 black rubbers

The blade: The DHS Hurricane Long 5 adopts 7-ply aryl-carbon fiberboard with Pith-Film technology to offer great power and stable control. It is continuing Ma Long's quick and changeable style featuring swift shift between attack and defense. This is Ma Long's choice of blade for the new material poly balls.

Red rubber: A fast and powerful rubber for offensive play. ESC technology offers a higher arc in topspin rallies. The combination of natural and synthetic rubber increases the durability of the rubber. Orange colored sponge with transparent surface rubber optimized for the ABS ball. Sponge hardness 47.5 degrees offers the perfect balance between control and speed.

Black rubber: BlueGrip R1 has a blue, medium-pored sponge that provides a powerful catapult effect and a surface that optimally supports a both sides attacking game. BlueGrip R1 gives a slightly softer feel and compensates for the losses that the plastic ball has brought with it. The longer contact time at the ball meeting point allows significantly more rotation in the up and back play. Plus it is "Made in Germany"! BlueGrip R1 is the future: Play as before, thanks to the technology of tomorrow