#866 Nittaku Acoustic Large Grip FL w/Fastarc G-1

$289.85 $239.95
Item# SNACR866
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with Fastarc G-1 rubbers. In Stock


This Nittaku Acoustic Large Grip blade with a flared handle is assembled with Nittaku Fastarc G-1 2.0 red and black rubbers.

The blade: The Acoustic Large Grip blade is made with special wood lamination technology originally used in stringed instrument production. Feel the blade in every part of your hand. Thicker wood produces solid feeling for close-to-table topspin play. This is the large handle version of the Acoustic blade. Please note-- the handle is larger but it is still normal sized.

The rubber: The Nittaku Fastarc G-1 rubber is "Fast" with an "Arc"! A power topsheet with a built-in tension power sponge produces the ideal combination of ball speed and ball arc -- an outstanding powerful spin ball. G-1 means "Grip First." Choose Fastarc G-1 for more spin with great power.