#900 Stiga Infinity VPS V MA w/Hurricane 3, Skyline 3-60

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Item# ZSSINF5900
Brand: Stiga
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with Hurricane 3 and Skyline 3-60 rubbers. In Stock


This Stiga Infinity VPS V blade with a flared Master handle is assembled with DHS Hurricane 3 2.15 red and DHS Skyline 3-60 2.1 black rubbers.

The blade: The Infinity VPS V with Diamond Touch, with the brand new Veneer Precision System (VPS) technology is built with two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a unique and exact heating and cooling process with precisely measured time and temperature. The Diamond Touch technology gives the outer veneers extra hardness and the surface an incredibly smooth finish; combined with the VPS technology the result is an offensive lightweight blade with outstanding solid touch and feeling. Infinity VPS V gives you the possibility to master the key elements in today's modern game: aggressive receives which help you gain the upper hand at an early stage, and the possibility to follow up with powerful and aggressive topspin shots. Developed together with top players from the Chinese National Team, the Infinity VPS V suits the more offensive minded player with powerful topspin strokes!

Red rubber: Hurricane 3 is designed for players who mainly adopt a controlled playing style or have relatively weak attack. This rubber can add strength and produce a long arc, which increases the ball control and exerts fast attack and loop drive close to the table. Hurricane 3 has been the best choice for almost all the Chinese players since the 2000 Olympic Games.

Black rubber: Skyline 3-60 is designed with a unique sponge-rubber combination. It absorbs and responds rapidly on ball contact, providing excellent elasticity and speed. Such dynamic properties make Skyline 3-60 ideal for continuous and high strength loop attacks with minimal effort. The soft elastic 60 sponge and pliable rubber is perfect for making fast attacks and subtle technical changes to deceive the opponent. Skyline 3-60 generates strong and changeable spin. Supported by soft elastic sponge, the sticky rubber optimizes such spin potential. Players using Skyline 3-60 will not be limited to one certain type of loop, but have the option of making varied loop techniques. Skyline 3-60 is the optimal combination of classic sticky rubber and elastic sponge.