#922 Donic Persson Power Allround FL w/Fastarc S-1, Radical

$117.85 $99.95
Item# ZSDPPO922
Brand: Donic
Type: Shakehand

This flared-handle blade is assembled with Fastarc S-1 and Radical rubbers. Out of Stock

This Donic Persson Power Allround blade with a flared handle is assembled with Nittaku Fastarc S-1 2.0 red and Stiga Radical max black rubber.

The blade: Persson Power Allround has aggressive allround characteristics. Perfect ball control. A best-seller for many years.

Red rubber:The NITTAKU Fastarc S-1 rubber is "Fast" with an "Arc"! NITTAKU Fastarc S-1 is the speed-oriented version of Nittaku's newest rubber. Utilizing a power topsheet and tension power sponge, this rubber generates explosive power along with great spin. S-1 means "Speed First;" choose Fastarc S-1 for more speed with great spin.

Black rubber: ACS Technology for pips out players! Stiga's Radical short pips combines the shock absorption of ACS sponge for control play and the extra ACS power for smashes and attacks. Great for passive and active blocking, and power in counter and smashes. Extremely thin sticky surface with very elastic base.