Stiga Boost TS

$44.95 $31.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 85
Control: 76
Hardness: Soft

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Original price was in 2023

Stiga Boost TS is very bouncy and gives a tremendous catapult effect. Stiga has achieved the ultimate answer for the non-glue era! Boost rubbers with the new TTS Technology with "TransTension Sponge" and new materials generate maximum tension and sponge power.

BOOST TS (Tension Sound) is the outstanding choice for offensive players of almost all playing levels who like soft sponge. Boost TS has soft sponge that gives a crisp clear sound when striking the ball. Even though the sponge is soft the rubber generates very good speed. The sponge on Boost TS rubber is softer than the sponge of Boost TC. The sound and feeling of Boost TS is unsurpassed! Boost TS enables offensive players of all abilities to play to their full potential.

The Boost series includes 4 rubbers: Boost TS, Boost TC, Boost TP and Boost TX. Each Boost rubber has special characteristics to suit your game and your expectations for a rubber. All Boost rubbers have built-in speed glue effect and generate tremendous power and spin. The trajectory is phenomenal and the feeling is like playing with speed glue.

STIGA Boost -- The Power of Built In Speed Glue Effect!

Has crispy clear sound, not enough spin

I bought the 1.8mm rubber because of the ratings 89/96/73. This rubber doesn't live up to the ratings. Yes, it does make the crispy clear sound, which I interpret as not enough sponge to give me the spin I want. Currently I use Butterfly Tenergy 05. It gives the "tow" sound when I loop the ball, I don't even need to loop very hard to hear the "tow" sound. Boots TS is totally different, no matter how hard I loop, it always gives the crispy clear wood sound. The only way I can get that "tow" sound is to play with slow speed and softly. That totally defeats the purpose of fast playing and not the ratings indicate. Another problem is it has a very small sweet spot, at the front of the rubber. The center doesn't give enough spin and speed I want. Tenergy 05 gives a big sweet spot, extremely fast at the front. Not sure how long the rubber stickiness will last. After about 12 hours playing, it has lost some of its stickiness. There is significant difference between the center and the edge. I also bought a Nittaku Refoma 1.5mm rubber because of its ratings 90/95/76. It gives much better spin and sound. In its description it talks about "bouncy", "catapult effect", "maximum tension and sponge power", "for offensive players". I don't believe these are true. This is the first Stiga rubber I buy, it will be the last Stiga I buy.

- Andre T, CA

more speed than spin

i agree... this rubber has more speed than spin. the ball dont arch as it should with the spin rating

Youa Yang

Low Throw Trajectory

Just bought this rubber to try it out and although the speed is fine, it doesnt produce as much spin as Im used to with Donic Desto F3. The rubber is not bad...just not as much spin as Id like. Ill probably go back to the Donic rubbers.