Butterfly Bryce Speed

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 95
Spin: 87
Control: 71
Hardness: Hard



Bryce Speed has more energy and power than classic Bryce due to Butterfly's High Tension technology.
Awesome product but you must have skill to use this

Awesome product, but you cant use it effectively without having some previous coaching under your belt first. Proper technique is needed to be effective. The product is what it says it is. It requires footwork because the balls come back fast.

Larry T

Bryce Speed for champion can not go wrong with this rubber

Michael Maze from Denmark won 2009 European champion beat Timo Boll in the final with Bryce Speed, if you want to be a champion go for Bryce Speed.


Good rubber but not reasonable price, Wow! so much $

this is a very good rubber, i used it on nittaku acoustic. its powerful and spinny.table tennis blades and rubbers are getting more expensive, but the butterfly products are more crazier. its too expensive. i am gonna stopping using butterfly products, cause i cant affored them. by the way, that is my opinion only: i have tried a lot of different rubber from different brand, i found out there are many rubbers are better than tenery, i think it is stupid to use tenery and dont look around for some other rubbers.


Excellent rubber

I have tried more than 30 different rubbers and this is the best one for me. The rubber has very good spin, speed and control. It works well with wood blade. It really gives me confidence.