Butterfly Roundell

$54.99 $52.24
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 89
Control: 72
Hardness: Medium



ROUNDELL...The Next Step Towards Greatness.
ROUNDELL provides a fresh glue feel and sound when contacting the ball due to the very flexible top sheet and sponge.
Great Rubber for Intermediate Players

This rubber is not terrible, but its definitely a notch below the new generation of Tensor rubbers from Germany i.e., Xiom Sigma, Donic Bluefire, etc. as well as the Tenergy and Calibra rubbers from Japan. Its a very mild-mannered, predictable rubber with a medium-soft sponge and a surprisingly soft topsheet. Not too spinny or fast, but not too reactive to spin. Its like Butterfly Bryce, but with better feeling for the post-glue era. I use it on my backhand - only complaint is that Butterfly has a set a high price for this rubber here in the U.S.


Es una buena goma, el único detalle es que no dura mucho tiempo, pero es una goma rápida y la recomiendo para revés de derecha no me termina de convencer.

Terrible Rubber

This rubber is very bad, it has no spin or speed. I do not recommend buying it.

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