Butterfly Tenergy 05

$79.99 $67.99
Item# RBT05
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 92
Spin: 95
Control: 69
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber combines Butterfly's High Tension technology with their Spring Sponge. An excellent rubber for the top spin player.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 has a unique feeling using a combination of Spring Sponge technology, High Tension rubber, and a tacky surface. It is excellent for imparting a great deal of spin on the ball.

The designation of 05 in the name was adopted from Pimples Code No. 5. Tenergy 05 enables a full range of topspin play at or away from the table. It keeps its explosive power throughout the life of the rubber without the use of speed glue or boosting. Tenergy 05 is very popular among world-class table tennis players, including Puerto Rico's #1 Men's player Brian Afanador.

- The first in the Tenergy line, with both Spring Sponge and High Tension technologies
- Best-suited for offensive all-round play, both near and far from the table
- Get the most out of your game as a looper with easy power and spin from this Japanese rubber sheet
The Gold Standard

Tenergy 05 is the BMW 3 series of the rubbers. It does everything better than everyone else including spin, speed, offense and defense. All others try to imitate it and come close but cannot match it. Therefore, you pay more for it. The only negative except price is short life span and falling apart at the edges.

- Omid, NY

Tenergy 05

if money is no issue then without the shadow of a doubt this rubber is the best that is available for high spin power players. It still is by far the most used rubber in professional table tennis and for very good reasons.

Good, but high price

Very good rubber, sensitive, have to clean and take extreme care after use.It is expensive.

- Bill Petrovic, IL

World Class

World class speed and spin. High throw, sensitive to incoming spin. Best for advanced skill level but can be used by intermediate level with practice. Non tacky topsheet with superb grip. Lamborgini of rubbers. Expensive. Good for all distances. Killer rubber if you can tame it. World # 1.


ok products, crazy price

ok products, crazy price

Just an OK rubber BUT crazy price

$80/sheet? Haha, no kidding. It was just an OK rubber and was not really attractive price when it was about $64 or so. Now it is $80. Try Acuda S1 or S1 Turbo or Nittaku Fastarc. They are much better in terms of price and performce.

- PP maniac, CA

Try Donic Acuda S1

Acuda S1 from Donic is the best alternative I have found for Tenergy 05. It has similar spin and speed to tenergy 05, and it is very long-lasting for a high-tech rubber. And it is much less expensive. So far, Donic does not have the price-gouging philosophy that Butterfly has...

- Rated 2200, MD

Amazing rubber.

Very good spin and speed on the first and second day of play. On the third day, the spin was gone. Amazing. Butterfly wins, retailers wins, players short-changed. Competitors, develop a rubber thats at least close to the spin and speed of tenergy 05 , and make sure it is more durable, and you will dominate the market.

I have always been looking for the best rubber,05 and 64not even close

even Tenery 25 is a little better. it has about the same speed but with better control, cause it has much bigger pip can hold the ball longer for better control and better spin. But still, Tenergy is a stupid rubber, for a crazy price.How dare butterfly do that?

Great Rubber!!

I started using this rubber and in two weeks my rating went up 500 points. I have been blind since birth and I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Butterfly for this miraculous product. Praise the Lord!!

- Stevie, CA

hard nut for opponent to crack!!

excellent rubber for close to the table play. the spring sponge technology butterfly has introduced to the market has proven itself to be an ingenious idea. with spring sponge you get a nice soft feel/touch of the 40mm ball when loop-driving, it has devastating power and accuracy, and with the combination of blinding speed, would make this rubber the attackers dream!! # 1 german player and most famous, two time european champion timo boll playes with this rubber on his Timo Boll ALC blade, on both sides, FH and BH. this rubber is very versataile, and is durable too, using this rubber i was amazed at how much ferocity my game was given, counter-looping, lifting chopped balls, smaching, lobbing, and surprisingly chopping, all a breeze with this rubber. high throw angle, which gives extrordinary curves on loops, loops are very spinny, and even a simple push can become a point winner with this rubber. buy this rubber and its guranteed that your game is bound to improve!!!!

- S. Panday, INT

Truth in advertising

Player profile; 30+ years experience. Previous rubbers used; Sriver, Mark V, Tornado, Tackiness Drive / Chop, Masterspin, 994 and most recently Scramble 2.0mm. Playing style; control looper forehand and backhand, plays mostly about 4-6 ft away from the table. Compared to all rubbers used to date, Tenergy 05 is faster, spinnier except for 994 and has more control and versatility. I have been playing with it for three weeks now and executed all the shots in the game. Tenergy 05 just does everything very well. It is unflappable; equally at home with loops and kill shots as is it with lobbing and chopping. Superb when used for blocking, looping and kill shots. Together with my Hunter Venom blade, spin, speed, finesse and power have created a kind of alchemy.

- James Radovich, WA

Best rubber out in the market!

Best rubber I have played with. I now have superb loops with this- both forehand and backhand. Its good for service and returns,too. Try it. Its still expensive though. BTW, I would buy it in 2.1mm.

- Michael, CA

Good for looping but the control is not perfect

It generates beautiful curves and spin for looping. Bear in mind that when you chop, it is very unforgiving.


Tenergy 05

Excellent rubber for spin, speed is good, however after 3 months the rubber losses its spin. I play 5 hours per week. Hitting with this rubber feels medium.

tenergy 05 1.9

This is a very high quality rubber that is durable and long lasting. It is very effective for close to the table offense on a soft feeling blade.

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