Butterfly Tenergy 25

$79.99 $69.99
Item# RBT25
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 84
Spin: 92
Control: 74
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Butterfly Tenergy 25 - More Spin and Speed for Close-to-the-Table Play

A revolutionary smooth rubber, it combines the original Spring Sponge, first seen with Tenergy 05, with High Tension technology designed by Butterfly.

Why 25? That was the code number used in the development stage and it proved to be the best for playing close to the table following extensive tests both in the lab and by players.

Tenergy 25 enables the player to attack strongly with both spin and power whether near to the table or at half distance. It is the perfect answer for the player of today and tomorrow.
Great Rubber

Tenergy 25 is the best of the tenergy series because it allows an attacker to have great spin and speed. Once you get used to its low trajectory, it is unstoppable. Also, I use it on an Amultart blade, which makes it really fast.

Loopers Choice

Less effort to control, even the heaviest chops. best against heavy choppers. Good spin on serves. I highly recomand this rubber above anything and everything on the maket today.

- Henry, CA

Tenergy??? Excellentttttt!!!!!!!!!!

I went from 1100 to 2650 with Tenergy 25 and I am blind! Its a miracle!

The best rubber Butterfly ever made

This writer is a recovering Equipment Junkie who has tried all kinds of expensive high-tech rubbers. My choices have been down to Nimbus and J.O. Waltner Platin until I had a chance to get hold of a T25 1.9mm, which I put through the pace on my Amulart. And it does not disappoint. Im primarily a two winged looper that lives and dies on spin. I play mostly from 3-10 feet away from the table and I do a lot of counter looping/driving. What T25 does best is the very friendly curve and crazy spin on the loops that helps landing the ball on the table. I get instant results with it, both on my forehand and backhand. There is no learning curve required for me either, which is good as most often changing rubber means a period of adoptation is needed. In a nutshell, its a loopers dream come true. Also, its good for the all rounders that use control and spin variations to win. Is the Tenergy perfect? No. I find the top end speed isnt as fast as Nimbus/Platin. So it aint good for the fast attacking types who depend on speed and low curved almost flat hitting/blocking. Theyd be better off with the older brethren Bryce family line. One added bonus for Tenergy line is the incredible resiliant topsheet. I accidentally scraped it on the edge of the table while going after a low ball, thinking itd rip or scratch it. Upon close inspection after cleaning it, I was pleasantly surprised its as good as new. Also the spring sponge should be able to stand up more abuse than any other high-tech tension rubbers, giving you a longer enjoyment. You have to pay more for it initially, but the extra cost is more than justified in improved play and longer service you get for your investment. Id sold on T25. Ill use it exclusively from now on. PPMAN from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

- Ken Szeto, ON


It is the best for serving which is 5 stars. Looping even better 5 stars ++. Blocking with it is okay

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