Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

$184.99 $157.24
Brand: Butterfly
Class: OFF
Speed: 92
Control: 60
Blade Weight: 86
Plies: 5w, 2c/a
Blade Thickness: 5.7
Blade Handles: FL
Material: Wood + Composite

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The Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC model is constructed with Arylate-Carbon, which makes the high reaction and control possible; it is recommended for the player who seeks a balanced powerful attack while maintaining ease of use.
Flared handle only
Butterfly ALC goodness

This blade is marketed by Butterfly as being an upgraded and slightly softer version of Viscaria. I would say that seems about right - I have moved from Primorac, Innerforce ALC-S and Viscaria. Lately I've been playing a Harimoto Tomokazu, a Koki Niwa and the Zhang Jike ALC - all with Tenergy 05 1.9mm rubbers and they all play very, very similarly. Fast, loopy, spinny. The Jike is a tad softer and feels a little less ruthless than the Viscaria which I still have a weird soft spot for (the metallic high pitch sound and feel). I tell myself that the softer feel is what I need, and this blade seems like it packs everything I want in a bat (in combo with the T05s): Spin, fairly light, great power and gears in short to mid range, great service, controllable, fun.

- Heathrow, CA

Speed is Only Possible When You Have Timing and Control Combined

Bruce Lee once said that the most effective form of attack is the one that lands. You can be really fast but if your timing and control is off then your punches and kicks don't really matter. What you have in this blade is the best of all worlds. Poly-arylate carbon is used by more world champions than any carbon blade in the ITTF. I think it's important to note that since sometimes really good marketing can cause you to spend more money than you really should. Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Timo Boll and several others all use arylate carbon in their blades. When used in my game it doesn't matter whether I'm serving, pushing, chopping, smashing or looping - the amount of control and feel I have when taking the shot always breeds confidence in knowing that the attack will go where I want it to go. Having that confidence is what allows me to relax and release the hand brake from my proverbial sports car which therefore allows me to have faster and more powerful shots. There's nothing worse than being offered the chance to attack but not being able to take that opportunity because you feel as if your blades aim, timing and control is off. Before deciding to go with the Zhang Jike ALC paddle I used a Gergely paired up with Tackifire Drive on both sides. Way too fast even though the rubber is designed for control. I considered buying the Zhang Jike Super ZLC as well but for more than twice what the ALC would cost not only is it considerably faster with less control but watching the reviews on YouTube proved that it would be a tougher beast to tame. Today I've matched this Zhang Jike ALC paddle with both Tenergy 80-FX on both forehand and backhand and it provides the most flexibility of style and play in attack and defense. It has definitely opened my game and allowed me to be more daring with my attacks and I know you will like it too! Good luck!

- Teddy Lim, TX