Stiga Calibra LT Spin

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Stiga Calibra LT Spin has a medium soft sponge recommended for highly trained attackers and loopers who emphasize tactical spin. You will have outstanding control for touch shots and service return, but when you are attacking you will experience new levels of possibility.

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Best Backhand Rubber

I have used the spin version for my backhand and the LT version for my forehand. First and foremost, spin has been much more durable than LT since my LT is out of spin, speed, and grip, while my spin is still fine. Calibra LT is not suited for my forehand, the throw is too low and the durability isnt very good. Calibra LT spin on the other hand is the best backhand rubber I have ever used; the low throw and trajectory is perfect for the backhand, allowing me to loop with heavy spin and speed close to the table. Even though this rubber is very fast, I have perfected my backhand while using it. Because of its speed, it is and utter beast in long range counter looping and counter hitting. I have not played with a spinnier rubber than Calibra LT spin. If you are a backhand looper, get it in 2.0!!

- Gideon, NY


Forget you tenergy, there is a new top of the line rubber, and its 30 dollars less! CALIBRA ROCKS!!!!!!!

Spinny spinny

Great rubber for looping at mid range or away from the table and still good at close range with the right stroke, has a great spin once you get used to it and your opponent will feel the power

- Heriberto Nieves, PR