Complete Table Tennis DVD

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2-dvd Set, 3.5 hours of instruction. In Stock


Complete Table Tennis is an instructional DVD by Dan Seemiller and Mark Nordby, two of the best coaches in USA.

This 2-DVD Set is 3-1/2 hours and includes all the information that is taught at one of their training camps. It is one of the most comprehensive coaching DVD available.

The Chapters are:
  • Fundamental Strokes
  • Advanced Strokes
  • General Principles
  • Serve Return
  • the Short Game
  • Serving
  • Footwork
  • Multiball
  • Style Strategies
  • Long Pips
  • Introduction
  • What's in a Player's Bag

BIOs of Coaches:

Dan Seemiller - U.S. Certified National Coach
Dan Seemiller is an American table tennis player. He began playing serious table tennis as an early teenager. By 1972, he was the number one qualifier on the U.S. World Team. He has won five U.S. Men's Singles Championships (in 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982, and 1983). He was once ranked #19 in the world. From 1990 to 1995, he served as President of the USA Table Tennis Association. He was inducted into the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 1995. Currently he is coach at the South Bend Table Tennis Club in Indiana. At South Bend, he has developed such players as Mark Hazinski, who is currently the top player in the country.

Mark Nordby - U.S. Certified National Coach
Mark Nordby is a U.S. Certified National coach. He was USATT National Coaching Chairman from 1999-2003. From 1999 to 2005 he was multiple times U.S. Junior and Cadet Boys Coach.


From Mark Hazinski, 2004 Olympic Team and 3 time US Closed Runner-up:
Mark Nordby has coached me for the past 10 years and has given up countless hours of his time to help me improve. He is a very good tactician at tournaments and great motivator at practices. He truly cares about seeing his students succeed and will do the best he can to help them reach their goals.

From Whitney Ping, member of 2004 Olympic Team:

I have known Mark Nordby as a coach since 2000, and he has been my coach for several years now and has been a huge influence on how I play and view the game. Coach Nordby has been in my corner during some of the biggest wins in my career, including a number of US National and Open Championship titles. Most recently, Mark was my coach during the 2008 North American Olympic Trials after helping me place in the top four at the US Olympic Trials. In my opinion, Coach Nordby is undoubtedly one of the best table tennis tacticians in America, having learned from another great - US Men' Coach Danny Seemiller. Technically, Coach Nordby has stayed knowledgeable with the evolving techniques and styles of the game, and was with Mark Hazinski and me when we trained in China and Sweden. Mark and I would both soon after qualify for the 2004 US Olympic Team. Most importantly, Coach Nordby is extremely dedicated to his students, both on a sport and personal level, and I'm fortunate to count him as a good friend and mentor.

From John Leach, many time US Cadet/Junior Team member:
I've met dozens of coaches from all over the world and Mark is easily one of the best tactical coaches around. He takes his coaching roles very seriously. Not only is he concerned with making the most of his coaching time with a player, he tailors his coaching to that player's level, style and goals. I would recommend him to any player that is serious about improving and wants to understand the philosophy of match gameplay.

Reviews/comments from forum thread (forum.oneofakindtrading.com.au)

I received the Dan Seemiller/Mark Nordby "Complete Table Tennis" DVD set in the mail today.

This is a comprehensive 2-DVD package that is three hours and twenty minutes long. Seemiller says it covers the same information taught during his week long seminars.

Although not the slickest special effects, the two-camera production is more than adequate. There doesn't seem to be much editing. This is mostly raw footage that makes you feel like you're actually attending a seminar.

Slow motion would have been nice, but if you watch on your computer you can easily slow down and analyze anything you want. The big feature here is information and in that area there is more meat here by far than in any other DVD I have seen.

Unlike the Samsonov and Killerspin DVDs that give a short explanation and demonstration of various strokes, "Complete Table Tennis" offers a detailed lecture on each topic (the looping section alone is 40 minutes long) as well as an excellent demonstration of the strokes. The information supplied is very deep and advanced. I had many "a'ha" moments. There no way I could come close to absorbing everything this video covers in one sitting. Next time I watch it I'll take notes.

There are twelve chapters:

Fundamental Strokes
Advanced Strokes
General Principles
Serve Return
Short Game
Style Strategies
Long Pips
What's in a Player's Bag

Notes: Yes Seemiller uses the Seemiller grip throughout and does discuss it briefly. He also mentioned his antispin side briefly, but no tips on how to use it.....The section on long pips was how to play against it. Nordby seemed very happy about the frictionless ban. They think LP players can't attack.....While a lot of videos cater to beginners, this one is advanced enough for players at high levels also.....Coverage of serving, serve return and short game was superb and you feel that Seemiller wasn't holding back on revealing his personal playing secrets.....Seemiller and Nordby are diehard loopers and they teach an attacking strategy, however Seemiller doesn't hit a lot of backhands so as a pip player, I still felt that most the information applied to my game -- especially since I have gone to an aggressive looping forehand with Tenergy.

Although pricey at USD$79.95, I would still highly recommend this video for players who are serious about taking their game to the highest level they can attain. This DVD now sets the gold standard in which to measure others against.

Review by mynamenotbob

Get your notepad out and begin to learn and do

I picked up a lot from these videos that I could take to practice and competition. I gave the video 4 instead of 5 because I thought the video quality was poor and especially the echoing in the gymnasium made it harder to follow everything they said.

- Keil, TX

The best out there

I have a folder full of table tennis instructional dvds and honestly most of them are pretty useless. This one though I still pull out and watch from time to time. The production quality is not the best and the cheesy couterlooping set to music sequence always makes me cringe but there are so many real gems of information in it that it makes it worthwhile. Some dvds on the market are theoretical but Seemiller and Nordby just tell it like it is, no nonsense, just solid information from experienced players and coaches. Well worth the money.


Must Buy Video

Fantastic! Well organized and detailed. Shots are filmed from various angles. Great commentary and strategy discussions. Saw improvement in my game immediately after watching and have now watched every section multiple times. After playing I use it to review parts of my game that gave me trouble that day.

- Kevin Desrosiers, MO

Amazing Instructional DVD

This DVD is fantastic! It teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a great table tennis player! It covers many important topics. If you do not have a coach I would deffinently suggest this DVD to you, even if you do have a coach this is still an excellent instructional. It has taught me a lot, and made me a all around better player. This DVD might sound kind of expensive, but it is worth every cent. It will deffinently improve your game!!!


Excellent, clear presentation, comprehensive!

Extremely impressive offering from Dan Seemiller and Mark Nordby in this 2 disc, 3 hour and 20 minute training video opus - these guys cover everything in detail and delve into a lot of the subtleties of the game! This is the video I wish I had when I started training.

- J.S., MA