DHS Hurricane 3-50 Mid

Item# RCH35
Brand: DHS
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 86
Spin: 92
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Hurricane 3-50 is the first choice for players who prefer to drive-loop and topspin. It integrates a tacky rubber with elastic sponge. The #50 sponge is receptive to ball contact, while the Hurricane 3 rubber friction grips and holds the ball. Such a combination provides the player with great ball feeling with every shot and suits players who want to exert a fast, stable loop attack.
Great Chinese Rubber

Softer sponge offers more control, slightly less speed than regular H3 Neo. Works great on fast blades. Mushy feel on soft blades. For fast attack and looping close/mid distance from table. Provides chops close to table with great spin. Outstanding on BTY T.B. Spirit or Viscaria blades or composite blades that are rated OFF or OFF+. Ok on 7 ply wood blades with large sweet spot. Some advanced players who play away from table may find it a bit slow. Tacky topsheet with orange 37deg sponge. A very nice playing Chinese rubber.