DHS Hurricane Long 5 w/Andro Rasanter R45 & Tibhar Evolution MX-D (#927)

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Item# ZSCHL5927
Brand: DHS
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with andro Rasanter R45 & Tibhar Evolution MX-D In Stock


This DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade with a flared handle is assembled with red Tibhar Evolution MX-D 2.1 red and black Andro Rasanter R45 2.0.

The blade: The DHS Hurricane Long 5 adopts 7-ply aryl-carbon fiberboard with Pith-Film technology to offer great power and stable control. It is continuing Ma Long's quick and changeable style featuring swift shift between attack and defense. This is Ma Long's choice of blade for the new material poly balls.

Red rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-D 2.1 is an amazing upgrade in the hard-to-improve-on Evolution Series rubbers. It strives to find the optimal balance between the power of the Evolution P rubbers with the spin of the Evolution S rubbers. The core difference is the brand-new RED ENERGY SPONGE, which, combined with the MX-P-like topsheet, results in increased dwell time, meaning softer touch and more comfortable feeling, and at the same time a very strong catapult effect, especially during offensive topspin rallies. Despite the hard sponge, you get soft feeling, which opens up many possibilities for skilled players.

Black rubber: Andro Rasanter R45 2.0. Has the strengths of the ENERGY CELL technology: more power and quality in your strokes, high dynamics and longer ball contact feel. The ENERGY CELL sponge with its highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer for all topspin variations. Team up with the 48 sponge and its above-average optimal sweet spot.