DHS Wind Series W3010

Item# SCW31
Brand: DHS
Class: ALL
Speed: 76
Control: 77
Blade Weight: 92
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.1
Blade Handles: FL
Material: All Wood

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DHS Wind Series 3010 blades help developing players understand the complexity of table tennis in a short time. They are developed for those who have mastered basic technique and want to develop more. The selection of materials and structures brings you a brand new experience suitable to your personal style. Wind Series 3010 is excellent for the allround player.
Pure pleasure for training

Currently training with professional coach with offensive style. With the focus of directing balls in different directions, speed and spin, this blade feels like a best friend. I can switch gears at will and paint the lines consistently. Also feel more confident facing fast or high incoming balls, just calmly follow the correct form and the ball will follow my mind. With control/spin focused rubbers you get a visceral ball feeling. You can generate tremendous power if you rely on your good mechanics and timing. But if your first priority is to brutalize the ball and where it lands is a secondary concern then this is not your blade. The build quality is not top notch, with wood chipping off slightly when changing rubbers and surface seemed not perfectly even. But all this imperfection is trivial in context of the pure pleasure hitting the ball, not to mention the small price.

- Corey P, IL