Stiga Destroyer

Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 51
Spin: 61
Control: 82
Hardness: Soft



Stiga Destroyer is a revolutionary long pimple rubber that has been developed by the Worlds' leading players. Destroyer has exceptional unique long pimple characteristics that are soft and specially shaped to get a maximum response from individual techniques.

Great allround long pips, great for blocking and hitting, also the rubber chops extremely well. Great for the allaround long pips player able to chop, block and hit effectively. Rather expensive for a Chinese LP but well worth the price.

- Jim-1650-ish, MI

Significant disruptive effect

In the last 3-4 months I have tried Wallest, Moristo, Screw One, Giant long, Feint and Grass Dtecs all in OX. In my opinion, Destroyer produces more disruptive effect than any of them. Significantly more than most of them. Stiffer, broader pimples are good!

- Al House, TX

for who?

If you are a ping-pong player this rubber is not for you. If you are a table tennis player, especially an orthodox chopper, then get this rubber. /If you dont know the difference between table tennis strokes and ping-pong whacking.......well.........take up bowling./ This rubber grants great control while chopping away from the table. Dont use sponge under it and hit hard. It is very difficult for you opponent to hit it back, unless he is a very strong player. Over the table it tends to lift the ball when you push. Better if you block with it and that will break up the rhythm......guaranteed! It demands competence on you part but will reward you once you get used to it.

- Zoltan Gergely, FL

Destoyer of what?

This rubber takes much practice. Serve returns are good. Sometime the ball comes out straight and high easy to attack for your opponent. If you hit it forehand every shot is same ,serving topside-spin. Backhand easy to pull to the right. Chop straight down weird right?

- Jay, MD

just the best

This is the perfect combination of total control and experince. ideal for beginers

very good

Very good control. Durable. You can also hit, make a dead ball, and vary the spin. It certainly not a frictionless longpips and thats why it is legal under the new rules


Not the answer for frictionless pips players looking for new pips

I really liked Andro Krypto with its fantastic wobble and spin reversal. Stiga Destroyer does not have those qualities. It goes back flat and sometimes it floats high. One is better advised to give up using pips and not use Stiga Destroyer.