Donic BlueGrip R1

Item# RDBGR1
Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 97
Control: 68
Hardness: Hard



Donic BlueGrip V1 -- The Return of Rotation!
Donic presents a real innovation: the answer to the plastic ball. BlueGrip is the first rubber that has a sticky, Chinese-style surface combined with a sponge with built-in speed glue effect. BlueGrip combines the best of two worlds - plus it is "Made in Germany"!

Donic developers have been asking themselves: how can you compensate for the rotation loss that the plastic ball has brought, but without sacrificing the dynamics of coatings with built-in speed glue effect? The result is the BlueGrip.

BlueGrip R1 has a blue, medium-pored sponge that provides a powerful catapult effect and a surface that optimally supports a both sides attacking game. BlueGrip R1 gives a slightly softer feel and compensates for the losses that the plastic ball has brought with it. The longer contact time at the ball meeting point allows significantly more rotation in the up and back play. Plus it is "Made in Germany"!

BlueGrip R1 is the future: Play as before, thanks to the technology of tomorrow.
Best Donic Rubber

This might be the best donic rubber on the market right now... incredible spin, unbelievable power, surprisingly accurate, ratings are very accurate for this rubber, using max black on the forehand, good price, great quality

- Grey Wollman, SC