Donic Bluefire Big Slam

Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 89
Spin: 94
Control: 74
Hardness: Soft



Donic Bluefire Big Slam is a real cracker! One never forgets that great love. For all those who loved and have never forgotten the sound of the old speed glue times, there is now the new Bluefire Big Slam.

This extremely soft blue sponge produces more sound - it really rocks! Added to this is a high grade grippy and spinny top surface rubber of the Bluefire series: The perfect combination.
beat box

the beat box of the bluefire series.

Kuh Manh Tuth

jack of all trades

strongly agree, this rubber is tenergy killer and i believe it performs better, great control and super spinny.

- John Connor, KY

Awesome Rubber As the Name Implies

I think this is a great alternative to Tenergy, in fact it is grippier and with the softer sponge produces a great pop sound. Very fun to loop with as well as push and chop. Great for serves and the short game too. I really like the BlueFire series and think everyone could find one with the right sponge density for their game. If you prefer a Hurricane 3 alternative then go with JP01 Turbo on your forehand and smash away!