Donic Targa Flex IV Shoes

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Brand: Donic

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The Donic Targa Flex IV shoes have the best cushioning effect of all Donic shoes. This cushioning and the considerably improved flexibility are the features of the new Donic Targa Flex IV that result in exceptional comfort.

The shoes have a unique design of non slip sole combined with an orthopedic shock absorbing EVA middle sole. The upper nylon mesh material allows the foot to breathe and the robust soft synthetic leather makes this shoe very comfortable to wear.

Color: white with red and black accents.
Sizes: Euro 36 - 46 (US Men's sizes 4 - 11.5)
Wide feet? This is your shoe!

Could never find table tennis shoes wide enough for my size 10 E feet. Have worn racquetball shoes that just barely fit for the last 12 years. I discovered these Donic's on a recent visit to Paddle Palace and my feet immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Comfort is not the only upside, they weigh 10 oz less than my old shoes. Have about 20 hours of play time on them so far and they are great. My only criticism are the cheap insoles that comes from the factory. Throw them away and buy a quality sports insole.

- Rocky Nordone, OR

Best shoe available on Paddle Palace

I have only worn one other table tennis shoe that might have been just slightly more comfortable - Butterfly Energy Force X... but twice as expensive.

Svetoslav Kirtchev