Donic Traction MS Soft

$56.95 $30.95
Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 87
Spin: 94
Control: 69
Hardness: Soft

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DONIC Traction MS Soft: DONIC has attained new dimensions of progress with new TRACTION rubbers. This innovative TRACTION TECHNOLOGY ensures better adhesion and stronger friction. Similar to satellite navigation, the new TRACTION rubbers will dispatch your top spin loops in the right direction.

TRACTION MS SOFT is the softer version, intended for the player who requires spin and control. Ideally suited as a backhand rubber for top players. In comparison to its harder "brother" (Traction MS Pro), TRACTION MS SOFT is somewhat more flexible. This rubber offers outstanding control, with a pleasant elasticity, yet it is very spinny.
TRACTION MS SOFT - yellow sponge
TRACTION MS PRO - pink sponge

hard to love it

OMG, how can other 2 players gave it such high rating. IMHO, it is a joke. the sponge is so dead, felt like a piece of wood, I can not play with it the 1st time. After re-gluing heavily, I can barely play with it. Absolutely no power: if I rate Donic Coppa power at 9/10, this one can get less than 6/10, and that is ONLY after re-gluing. Yes, it is tacky, but spend your money somewhere else is wise.

Love it!

This is actually my forehand rubber, very good spin and easy to loop, but the best part is the outstanding control!



Very good grip, spin and great control. I like soft rubbers and this is awesome. Plays like T05FX and it is better on a harder/stiff blade.