Donic Vario Big Slam

Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 80
Spin: 84
Control: 76
Hardness: Soft



Perfect feeling with fantastic sound!

The first Vario rubber to be made in Germany, Donic Vario Big Slam includes the world famous Formula Donic technology with built in speed glue effect.

Donic's rubber experts developed this soft Vario rubber sheet and adjusted its properties to match the present high demands of the sport. The results take you to a whole new playing level! Due to its extremely soft 35 degree sponge, you get perfect feeling on the blade.

Vario Big Slam is especially suitable for control and all round players with a tendency to an offensive game. It is also the ideal rubber for spin and rotation players who prefer soft rubbers and like to hear a fantastic sound when hitting the ball.
fast but no control

very fast rubber and no control

- john, NC

Great BH Rubber

Just got it on my BH Fast with good control. Very Loud sound. Speed is under rated. People at my club who are 2200 use this rubber.

Ben Lerman

is this it?

Choppers are at a great disadvantage when it comes to choosing rubbers. There are just not many for them. The industry knows what they are doing..after all, there are very few of us! If you were brought up in the D13 and C4 era, surely, you are looking for a good replacement This is a sweet rubber! Soft and forgiving. Chopping away from the table is natural but watch out for spinny serves. You have to dig into the ball and not just block with it. I like it so far, especially when it loops easily also. Great replacement for the Nittaku Moristo DF whis is much slower but I have used it succesfully. Put a Stiga Destroyer on the other side and chop them down!

- Zoltan Gergely, AA

Best All-Around rubber with sound

Vario Big Slam is an All-Around dream, great cracking sound with ultra feel and control. Spinning the ball is natural, the surface feels like jello but becomes powerful the harder one hits. I recommend this rubber to all the all-around and power loopers out there.

Jim 1850-ish


Best All-Around rubber with sound, crack and an advantage. Spins like a dream, sounds like a rocket, and placement for the the control player, excellent. Blade Stiga All-Around Oversized FH: Vario Big Slam 2.0mm BH: Donic Piranja 1.2mm

Jim 1850-ish