Donic Waldner Flex II Shoes

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Brand: Donic



The Donic Waldner Flex II Shoes are the highest quality made for table tennis. The unique design of an especially non-slip sole and the use of a higher percentage of natural rubber ensures good grip. The upper nylon mesh material allows the foot to breathe and is extremely comfortable to wear. The DONIC Waldner Flex II is light and flexible and guarantees perfect balance, even with the most demanding footwork. The orthopaedic shock absorbing EVA middle sole and the reinforced cushioning of the inner sole make these shoes most comfortable. Additional blue shoe laces are included in the package.

Waldner Flex II Shoes are available in European Sizes 36 and 38. The U.S. Size conversion for this shoe is also listed on the drop-down.
Good Grip; Good Shoe

I have been wearing this shoe for nearly all my matches for over a year, and they have so far held up very well. A point to note is that I typically play continuously 3 hours or so three times a week, and I play quite "aggressively" with lots of movement, and the shoe's durability has been excellent. So why didn't I rate the shoe "5 stars"? Because my preference for table tennis shoes (or regular sneaks for street wear for that matter) is to have the backs of the shoes above the ankles, and this model is slightly below ankle bone. Other than that... great shoe.

- Caesar Primus, PA

Bad, if not horrible shoes

I read the first review that gave it all 5 stars and I also found somewhere on the internet that these shoes were made by mizuno based on mizuno wave, so I got them. I had a horrible experience with them. The only thing that they share with mizuno is the look. They have absolutely no cushion! Every time I play with them, I get a black toe. This is not a joke! Also, they started tearing apart after about a month of play. Maybe they just dont suite my style of play, but man was I disappointed in them.

- Andy, MA

U.S. Size Conversion is added to website

Aleksandr, thank you for the feedback! Paddle Palace has added the U.S. Size Conversion to the shoes on our website. Many table tennis shoes are listed by the manufacturer in EURO or other sizing, and the conversion to U.S. sizing can vary from shoe to shoe. The conversion is now available for each shoe. The charts are also available in our catalog.

Paddle Palace

Beware when ordering online

These are fantastic shoes, lightweight and very comfortable, but beware if you are ordering online, because the sizing is tricky. For instance, european size 42 normally translates to american size 9, but in this case its 8.5. PaddlePalaces printed catalog has a conversion table that correctly translates the size, but the online version lacks it. Paddle Palace, add the conversion table online and save us aggravation!

- Aleksandr Medvedev, MA