Dr. Neubauer Tarantula

Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Anti Spin
Speed: 54
Spin: x
Control: 86
Hardness: Soft



Dr Neubauer Tarantula is the latest generation of Anti-Spin rubbers. Dr Neubauer has further enhanced the effectiveness of Anti-Spin rubbers while blocking close to the table with plastic balls. The new plastic balls and especially the ABS balls produce considerably less spin, which automatically results in less spin reversal.

The Anti-Spin rubber Tarantula produces the maximum available spin reversal with these new balls. More importantly, as opposed to most other frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers on the market, Tarantula will also enable you to keep producing very short blocking with a low bouncing ball, making it difficult for your opponent to launch the next attacking stroke. Even fast topspin shots and flat hits can be returned safely, with a noticeable sinking effect of the ball.

Tarantula can be used both on classic combination blades as well as on fast and stiff offensive blades thanks to the absorption power of its dampening sponge that will literally kill the speed of the oncoming ball.