Dynamic Table Tennis DVD: Forehand Loop Training

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Brian Pace (USATT Certified National Coach), has created the most extensive training video for the Forehand Loop, which is the most dominating shot in the sport of Table Tennis. This video is designed to develop your Forehand Loop from beginner to elite level.

With a runtime of 2 hours and forty minutes, this training video will take you through 10 Stages of Development that will add all the necessary layers to your loop to make you the most complete attacker. These stages of development will put your Forehand on a steep incline to improve, so that you can get the most out of how to use the Forehand Loop, and Win.

This DVD covers the following Stages of Development:
  • Stroke Production
  • Changing Tempo
  • Changing Position
  • Implementing Footwork
  • Counter Looping
  • Looping Underspin
  • Attacking the Serve
  • Game Situations
  • Hooking and Fading the Loop
  • Long Distance Counter-looping
  • Looping against Pips

Join DTT Premiere Coach Brian Pace as he intricately and systematically takes you through each stage of development to build the ultimate weapon, the Forehand Loop.

A very thorough explanation of all the aspects of the forehand loop. Includes how to loop against long pips. Great drills too.