Stiga Genesis M

Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 95
Spin: 96
Control: 68
Hardness: Medium



The Stiga Genesis combines the best of the major table tennis cultures into one rubber. It has a potent synthesis of Japanese/STIGA developed OCS technology, Swedish knowledge, and a new spin elastic top sheet made in China. Members of the Chinese and Swedish national teams collaborated to create the ultimate balance between east and west. The new top sheet is sustainably developed to increase the durability and lifetime of the rubber. The Oxygen Capsule System in the sponge generates an intense catapult effect and speed.

- The medium sponge provides tremendous hitting power and speed
- Made in China rubber with European characteristic spin elastic feel
- The medium sponge is suitable for players who desire a rubber with maximum speed
It's a beautiful Offensive, Spin, Smash Rubber in any way...

I bought this rubber last week and played today the first time. I had for a long time the Nittaku Rubber Hamond Pro B, but it was getting to old. The Genesis M is very spiny and I can place a wonderful, effective Side Spin on too. When you wanna smash it ,is very fast and powerful and hard. I love this new rubber. Much better as the Tenergy 05 and not so expenive at all! The Genesis M is ideal for a Offensive, Top Spin, Side Spin and Attacking Player! I love this new rubber! The German Table Tennis Terminator

Christian Flohr

Fast but not too bouncy

Ordered the 2.0 and put on an all around plus blade. Plays very well. Not that spin sensitive, but able to generate good spin. Easy to loop under spin and very easy to hit with close to the table. Much easier to control than Tenergy 05. Too early to determine durability.


genesis M

I bought this during the PP introductory sale and put it on a Tibar Samsonov Force Pro, replacing the Evolution MP rubber. The Genesis M is great in every way: fast speed, spin, control, feel, and sound. For my taste in rubber, I'd rate Evolution #1, and Genesis #2, and Tenergy 80 #3. The Genesis sponge is very different: more solid as if it wasn't even sponge.