Juic Nano Spin II

Item# RJNS2
Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 93
Spin: 91
Control: 71
Hardness: Medium



Juic Nano Spin II gives you more power and sound. Excellent spin and enhanced speed brings a new dimension to the spin attack game.

"I really love the new rubber Nano Spin II. In my opinion the best Juic rubber so far. Good spin, good control and a great sound that makes a very good feeling. Congratulations. Good job."
- Stellan Bengtsson, former Men's Singles World Champion.

Best rubber for Nittaku Rorin blade

Since returning to the game in July I have been struggling to find the right rubber. I have tried DHS Hurricane 8 Mid, Nittaku G-1, DHS Hurricane 2 Neo, and Juic T+ PV. All good rubbers but not perfect. Of these the Juic T+ PV was the closest but way to fast for me. I took a chance and got the Juic Nano Spin II. Simply put this rubber is amazing, the control is off the charts, the spin is good, not over the top like the Hurricane 8 Mid, I can hit a very effective loop with it. The speed is good as well, just enough slower than the Juic T+ PV which allows me to keep my blocks on the table. The short game, my weakest play, is good shots are not springy and stay short and low. The ball height is medium-low which for my style of play is ideal. Lastly, the feel is simply indescribable. I use the Nittaku 40+ plastic ball. If you are having trouble with the super fast and super spin rubbers give this a try.

- Zane, KS

Best Juic Rubber Yet

Juics Nanospin II is by far the best rubber that Juic has ever produced. The rubber has great feel, speed and spin. It may feel a bit slow and lacking spin when you first get it, but once it is broken in, it is exceptional. It also plays well at all distances. Close to the table its touch is great,countering, flipping or pushing, it really grips the ball and does what you would expect. At mid distance it has a nice click and a great arc. I feel thatI can accurately place the ball and play more consistent. Far distance is not my strength, however I will say that when I have been forced off the table, I have been able to counter with an outstanding percentage and countless time I was able to retake control of the point. Overall playing with Nanospin II has been very rewarding for my game, give it a try. -Keith Pech #2 Ohio

High quality rubber for all levels

This was the best forehand rubber I have ever played with. It has excellent spin, tremendous speed, and above all good feel. Ive played with all types of rubber , from tnergy to dhs chinese rubbers, and I have enjoyed this the most. Earl Alto 2012 U2400 Champion

- Earl Alto, CA

Nano Spin II is the longest lasting rubber ive ever played with

Nano Spin II is the longest lasting rubber I have ever competed with. I practiced with it 3-5 times a week, and competed in 7 tournaments without ever needing to change to a new sheet over a 4.5 month period. During this period I had my most consistent performance and best results of this year. I have never used a sheet of rubber previously in my career for that length of time without it wearing out or losing its speed within 2 months. Before switching to Nano Spin II, I competed and practiced with Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX. Tenergy is also a high quality rubber, and I found NanoSpin II to be just as high quality as Tenergy. However, Nano Spin II lasts MUCH longer. You can put Nano Spin II on your racket, and be confident it will keep its highest quality performance for up to 4 months and beyond......PLEASE NOTE: When putting new sheets of Nano Spin II on your racket for the first time, it must be broken in and played with for about 6 to 10 hours before it reaches its full effect and highest quality performance. It will feel a little slower right out of the package and it will not feel as spinny when you first use it. It will gain in spin and speed each hour you play with it initially. I dont recommend playing competition with this rubber until you have broken it in and played with it for about 10 hours. Break it in first, and you will experience the longest lasting rubber of them all. -Jim Butler 3-Time U.S. Champion. 2-Time U.S. Olympic Team Member

- JIM butler, TX

Awesome Rubber + Speed Glue Sound

This great rubber features fantastic spin and speed without compromising consistency. The sound and feeling of this rubber make looping exhilarating.