Nittaku Alhelg

$54.95 $38.95
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 96
Spin: 96
Control: 68
Hardness: Medium-Hard


Nittaku Alhelg is the ideal new technology rubber for the 40+ non-celluloid poly balls. You will enjoy the outstanding spin and speed, especially for counter topspin and various techniques against short balls on the table.

The "Natural Power Top Sheet" made from high grade natural rubber has bigger pimples and a thicker layer, creating the grippy surface. The "Pla Turbo Sponge" has bigger pores and air inside, giving a "bite feeling". Energy is built in. The outstanding speed and high friction of this rubber is unsurpassed!
Good Rubber for New Poly Ball

Very Good Control. Spin is also decent. However, it is not very fast.

Power, Speed, and Spin

This is the best rubber I have tried using with the plastic ball which is much slower than a non-plastic ball. Previously, I used Stigas Airoc which I find good too but lacks some power compared to Alhelg. This rubber had a harder sponge than say, C1 which I have used as well. But it wasnt that heavy which I find appealing. I also find it great for looping, chopping, and counter-looping with the plastic ball. So if you want a rubber that has more power, speed and spin with plastic balls, this might be the rubber for you : Enjoy!


Excellent rubber

High spin, good control and good speed. Excellent rubber.

Ertac V.


The selling point. Has a great bite on ball, fast. .Not true has good control on short balls but that is it..I put it on three different paddles to make sure it was not the paddle.When I would hit ball felt different almost all the time and you must hit ball hard to get spin..If I could I would return it. Very not satisfied.PS was also using poly balls and reg. balls.

- Gil Garcia, CA