Nittaku Barwell Fleet

Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF
Speed: 91
Control: 60
Blade Weight: 88
Plies: 7w, 2g
Blade Thickness: 6.1
Blade Handles: FL, ST



The Barwell Fleet is the newest premium high end blade from Nittaku. It utilizes hard wood outer plies with sheets of glass fiber directly under the outer layers. This combination controls the level of vibration produced on ball contact to find the ideal amount of bend. This improves the speed and spin performance of the blade and makes it the perfect choice to pair with new generation tensor rubbers.
Superb Blade

Inseparable, feels as if the blade is part of your hand. Strongly recommended to own this blade if you are a serious player. I use Narucross GS Soft and FASTARC S-1 rubbers.

- Eagle 7, CA

A great blade

This blade can be used at any distance. Absolute control with great speed. I have Razaka 7 and Tenergy on it, works great. I initially had Stiga Rosewood XO, now I am addicted to Barwell Fleet.

- Ajit H, PA

Best blade of nittaku

Very fantastic power with full control,class blade Very good looping machine,for both the sides Fh & Bh,Feeling is ultimate,I have tested so many plys but the best one is this,use with Tensor rubbers for good result,Im using xiom sigma-1 europe,Bh-xiom omega 4 elite,very good power in all shorts with best control.But price is very expensive but you are buying a good product for spending that amt.

- Ramanathan Balasubramanian, INT