Nittaku Clean Sponge

Brand: Nittaku
Type: Cleaning Sponges

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The Nittaku Clean Sponge is a green and blue lint-free sponge designed for use with rubber cleaners.

Spray on any rubber cleaner, then wipe off with this sponge.

Comes with a plastic pouch.
The REAL Review!!

First of all, yes this is the best sponge! Now, everyone else has been giving their own opinions about which side to use. Let me set everyone straight. I called up Paddle Palace and got to speak to a customer service person who was on the U.S. National team and she uses this sponge. She told me, IT DOES NOT MATTER! IT'S ALL PREFERENCE! If you think it makes sense to spread the cleaner with the hard side and wipe it with the softer side, well then go ahead. If you think vice versa, also great. (By the way she spreads with the harder and wipes with the softer). Hope this helped you.

Stop looking and buy this.

Bought this sponge with the P.P. rubber cleaner. It works great for getting your rubbers clean. I use the light green side to clean and the blue side to wipe dry. Other people do the exact opposite, its up to you and what you think works best. Also bought the Stiga rubber protection sheets with this order. This is the best way to keep your rubber's in good condition.

- Orangecrush, TX

Works like a Dream!

Much better than the Stiga sponge! Nice and soft and really cleans! Totally worth the 3 months I've been waiting!

It cleans!

This product is great at cleaning anything on your rubber. Works like a charm every time.


Great Cleaning Sponge

Firstly, I use the Tibhar Belag Reiniger and Spinmax Aqueous cleaners. This sponge dose great with the Tibhar cleaner and does ok with the Spinmax as long as you do not over-soak the sponge (you need to put the cleaner on the sponge before applying to the rubber). I clean with the teal/green side with the non-sticky Tibhar cleaner and the blue side for Spinmax. You have to make sure to keep it in its pouch when not in use (collects dust easy), and make sure the sponge is fairly dry before storing it away. Overall, best cleaning tool!


Really Nice

This thing really cleans your paddle, and is pretty soft! Gets dirty quickly though.

What side to use

I tested both side of the sponges to clean. The soft blue side is to clean and the hard green side is to dry.

- Darren Dorscheid, AB

Nice Sponge

This is a great sponge. Perfect for keeping rubber clean and fresh.

- Sam, OR

translation of directions

Hard green face for spreading cleaner. Soft Blue face for wiping off. Little sponge works well. No complaints

Kevin K

Both Sides

I love this sponge. Wouldnt want to use anything else to clean off the paddle. I just wasnt exactly sure which side to use. It seems the green side is for wiping dry. I think that is after you wipe on with the blue side. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Justin Rosales, NJ

Works surprisingly well.

I bought this sponge reluctantly when I got my new racket, somehow I was not sure it will do the job in spite of all the good reviews. I used it with Paddle Palace cleaner and it worked like magic. The rubber was absolutely clean - looked like the day I bought it.



Worth every cent, im not kidding, i used to use paper towels, then i changed to lintless cloth like glasses cleaner, and now i have this sponge and there is nothing like it.

- Keith Willson, TX

Does The Job

Does the job. Just spray with a cleaner then wipe. Makes the rubber look like new. I used the Paddle Palace rubber cleaner so it made for a nice combo.

- Richie, NY

Great sponge!!!

I recommend this sponge and this sponge is harder on one side to use to wipe paddle clean.K