Nittaku Latika Light FL w/Nittaku Best Anti & Juic 999 Defense (#957)

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Item# ZSNLAL957
Brand: Nittaku
Type: Shakehand

Flared-handle blade assembled with Nittaku Best Anti & Juic 999 Defense Out of Stock

This Nittaku Latika Light blade with a flared handle is assembled with red Nittaku Best Anit (1.8mm) & black Juic 999 Defense (2.0mm) rubber.

The Blade: The Latika Light blade from Nittaku offers an outstanding balance of offense and defense. Great feeling of stability and touch. Light in weight.

Red Rubber: Nittaku Best Anti is anti-topspin rubber from Nittaku that could be just the one for you! Excellent for neutralizing your opponent’s spin, this is the dream anti for the combination player. Pair Best Anti on one side with a spinny rubber on the other side and you will have a fantastical tool for strategic play. Quality rubber 100% made in Japan.

Black Rubber: JUIC 999 Defense, designed for the modern defensive player, has fantastic tacky spin. It has great versatility and superb defensive control.